Justin B. Limmer, Financial Advisor
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Justin Limmer understands the importance of a family's financial future because it's top on his priority list as well. He and his wife, Alisa, make-up the Tucson practice with the support of North Star’s team members and resources. Working within their hometown of Tucson, Justin and Alisa, along with their daughter, Ella, are very proud of their Southwest culture and heritage.

As a Financial Advisor, Justin strives to understand his clients’ goals, needs and purpose. He gets to know them and transfers their information into an actionable financial strategy and set of steps that will guide his clients towards accomplishing their goals. This is possible through a process of education and implementation. A comprehensive financial strategy is constructed and put into action and over time will be altered to adjust to clients’ life changes.


Justin specializes in working with Federal Employees. He is specifically knowledgeable in the workings of the Federal Benefits Retirement System and utilizes this information to help Federal Employee clients maximize their benefits into retirement and fulfill their overall financial plans.

Specific Areas of Federal Benefits Analysis:

    FERS/CSRS Annuity and Survivor Benefit Options
    TSP - Fund Options, IRA's, and Retirement Options
    FEGLI - Coverages, Costs, and Alternatives
    FEHB - Medicare, Social Security, and Supplemental Plan Options
    FLTCIP - Long-Term Care Options, Costs, and Comparisons