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Personalized Federal Benefits Analysis

Making the most of your benefits while continuing to work, and taking the necessary steps to prepare for retirement from federal service can sometimes feel overwhelming. By meeting together, we can help you to develop a personalized assessment of your federal benefits and identify important decisions to be made throughout your career and as you approach retirement.

What this assessment helps you to do:

  • Take the complex rules and regulations relating to federal benefits and apply them to your particular situation—your retirement date, your numbers.
  • Identify and manage key decisions to be made now and at the point of applying for federal retirement.
  • Understand the financial impact of retirement-related decisions, and some unintended consequences of certain elections.
  • Decide what role these benefits will ultimately play in your overall retirement and how to maximize each benefit in your favor.

Documents needed:

  • Most current pay stub
  • Thrift Savings Plan statement
  • Social Security statement

What you can expect:

  • Over the course of two meetings, we will help you to develop the “Personalized Federal Benefits Analysis” at no charge.
  • If you are married, we highly recommend both you and your spouse meet to develop this assessment since both of you will be significantly impacted by these decisions.
  • We have a number of questions for you, and we suspect that you may have a number of questions for us, too. Jot down your questions and bring them with you.

When it comes to planning and making tough decisions regarding your federal retirement, be certain to find a financial professional who understands the “ins and outs” of the benefits. Finding someone that you trust to help guide you through this process will help you to feel confident that the decisions you make are truly working hard for your family.


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